Commercial Door Closers

At El Cheapo 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith, we offer specialized services for Sheriff’s evictions in San Diego providing professional, efficient, and reliable assistance at competitive flat rate prices. Our team understands the sensitive nature of eviction proceedings and is committed to ensuring a smooth and compliant process in collaboration with local law enforcement.

Our Services and Pricing

We charge a flat rate of $125.00 for the first hour of our services during Sheriff’s evictions. This includes all necessary locksmith tasks such as opening locks as requested by the Sheriff. Should the process require additional time, our wait time is billed at $85.00 per hour. We also offer lock replacement or rekeying services for a flat rate of $35.00 per lock, ensuring that the property is secured immediately after the eviction.

Flat Rate Pricing

At El Cheapo 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith, we believe in transparency and fairness. Our flat rate pricing model eliminates hidden fees and unexpected charges, allowing you to budget accurately for eviction-related locksmith services. This straightforward approach is designed to provide peace of mind, ensuring you know the cost upfront for the entire process.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

We understand the legal requirements and procedures involved in Sheriff’s evictions. Our team is well-versed in the regulations governing these situations in San Diego, and works closely with law enforcement to ensure all actions are carried out lawfully and efficiently. Our expertise in this area means we can handle the eviction process with the highest level of professionalism and compliance.

Professional Lock Services

During an eviction, quick and secure access to the property is essential. Our skilled locksmiths are trained to open all types of locks swiftly and without causing damage. Once access is granted, we can replace or rekey any lock on the property for a flat rate of $35.00 per lock. This service ensures that the property is secure and that previous tenants no longer have access.