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El Cheapo 24 Hour Mobile Locksmith is your home/business/lost car key expert providing service 24/7. We are a certified, registered, and insured locksmith serving the 4S Ranch area. Our team is committed to performing outstanding service at all times.

As a 4S Ranch locksmith specializing in lockouts,re-keys, lost car keys, and drill outs with 25 years of experience, we have the proper technology to do the job right.

Some 4S Ranch history you may find interesting:

Originally part of Mexican land grants, including Rancho San Bernardo, the area that is now 4S Ranch was used primarily for agriculture and ranching.Throughout much of the 20th century, the land in this area remained largely undeveloped and used for agricultural purposes.The development of 4S Ranch began in the late 1990s by Newland Communities as a master-planned community.There is a strong sense of community with events, clubs, and organizations bringing residents together.4S Ranch features shopping centers, restaurants, and businesses, providing convenient access to daily needs.

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We are the only flat rate locksmiths around. While dealing with us, you only pay what we quoted you and there are no games or gimmicks afterwards. You get the fairest price possible thanks to our flat rate pricing!

Listed below are a few red flags to look for prior to hiring a locksmith:

Avoid calling the 15$/19$/29$ Locksmiths who are advertising a low ball rate, since they are typically a bait and switch operation who are out to take you for a ride. In fact, the total price will surely end up much higher than average.

Be wary of companies that answer calls with generic phrases like “locksmith services,” rather than a specific name. If a locksmith cannot or will not provide the business’ legal name, find another locksmith.

When the locksmith arrives, ask for identification, including a locksmith license where applicable.

If the locksmith’s on-site price doesn’t match the phone estimate, don’t allow work to be performed. Fraudulent locksmiths often inflate the final bill and insist the customer pay in cash.

If you’re locked out, be cautious of companies that recommend or insist on drilling or replacing the lock up front. Most experienced locksmiths have the skills and tools to unlock almost any door.